How you can Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada- check the few easy steps

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How you can Become A Licensed Pharmacist in Canada check the few easy steps below for your required guide. however, the steps we have here will give you a genuine guide to get your license in pharmaceutical field or department. Having known this that we are capable of giving you the information you may need to achieve or obtain a license on pharmacy,. the you have to follow our guides properly the the page.

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Your Easy Steps On How You Can Become A Licensed Pharmacist In Canada

First step

You must register at Pharmacists' Gateway Canada for International Pharmacists, with the exception of Quebec. After enrolling, you will receive an ID number that you can use to submit an application to PEBC.

Second  Step

The document evaluation process will be carried out by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC). You will have five years to successfully complete the Evaluating Exam after your documents have been examined.

Third Step

Passing the Evaluating Exam

You will be required to complete a 4.25-hour computer-based test here that covers pharmacy practice, biological sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and behavioral, social, and administrative pharmacy sciences. You can pass using their online platform by taking a preparation course at, which will prepare you for the most exam-like experience.

Fourth Step 

Passing the Requisite Tests:

A preparation course like can help you get ready for the one-day multiple-choice questions (MCQ) computer-based exam that is part of Part 1.

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